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Things to come

Posted by VikingWalker - June 13th, 2018

Wow... has it really been half a year since my last post?
Geez, time moves quickly for me. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing...
Anyway, small, quick little update about what will happen this year:

Later today, I'll move about 2 hours by car away from home, to once again work at the viking museum for the 5th summer in a row. There, I'll once again instruct archery and axe throwing for anyone who wishes, old and young. My contract is through August, and after that I'll take a 1-week vacation to visit someone very special to me, here in Norway ;3

When I get back, I'll finish my Khajiit cosplay costume (my original character, Mi'rasj, which I write fanfic about, link to that is to the left somewhere) and Savior's Hide (Skyrim version) and together with my partner-in-writing, prepare the last parts of our US journey. 2 weeks, 1 week in New York (NYComic-Con), 1 week in Nevada, where we hope to replicate as much as we can from my trip there in 2015.

I'll try to make a new post about the Khajiit/SavHide process when I can :)

Until then: Good luck in your endevours, and may you and your dear ones be content and healthy!


Comments (2)

Your work is awesome friend xD.

Thanks a lot! Your work is pretty awesome, too ;P
Good luck on Blue Sky! See you around! :)

when you talk about work you always talk about the museum and i am happy one of my best friend is one of the coolest and friendliest viking that i know. i hope one day you could see me shoot a bow and mabey throw an axe (i would probebly be really bad with throwing :p ) anyway i hope you have alot of fun.

Aaaww, you're making me blush with those compliments ^_^
I hope I get to see you shoot one day too! Then I could correct you if I see anything that needs correcting, though I've heard legends that you are pretty good with a bow ^_^
Hey, I was really bad at axe throwing when I worked here the first year, back in 2014 ;)
Over time you get better at it, like almost all things. And it's actually not that hard :)

Thank you Nyana, I'll start this Friday, and I am quite optimistic about this season!
So it will indeed be a fun, entertaining and awesome way for me to work! :D